Magdalen Nursery
Magdalen Nursery

Magdalen Nursery is a registered early years provider and as such we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).


The 7 key areas of learning in the EYFS are:

• Personal, Social and Emotional Development
• Communication and Language
• Literacy
• Mathematical Development
• Knowledge and understanding of the World
• Physical Development
• Expressive arts and design






It is our goal to provide each child with a personal programme for development and learning.


Every child is treated as an individual and encouraged to learn at his or her own pace. Through careful observation and analysis, we document our children’s profiles and guide their development personally. We explore our children’s individual interests and build on their existing knowledge, thereby teaching in a way that is both meaningful and interesting to each child.



Our teaching principles are a mixture of child–led and adult directed activities with a curriculum based around learning through play. Our fun and stimulating environment allows children to embrace their natural curiosity and enthusiasm for life. We believe that by providing a platform that supports children to discover and experiment, they will learn.



Throughout the day there are a variety of activities including messy play, drama, painting, baking and books. We have a lovely vegetable patch specifically for the children – every week they will spend time in our garden learning about fruit and vegetables, growing them and finally enjoying eating them! We aim to nurture creativity through music and movement, art and design. Time will be spent on maths and literacy games as well as exposure to computers and IT. Each of our pre-schoolers is allocated his or her own iPad which is used for specific exercises in IT time.


We value parents’ involvement in the nursery and their child’s development with us.


Parents are the child’s primary educator and it is essential that they build a strong and close relationship with us – the partnership between home and nursery is paramount to the child’s learning.


We feel an honest and open communication between parents and staff is fundamental for a happy child and healthy school. Parents will be able to monitor their child’s progress through their developmental profile, which is available to them at all times.